Tips for buying towels

Tips for buying towels
1. Go to a regular store to buy a clearly marked towel. The sources of goods in shopping malls, supermarkets or specialty stores are generally regular manufacturers. Qualified towel products should have standardized logos, clearly indicating the manufacturer, origin, telephone number, trademark, implementation standards, washing methods, etc.
2. When consumers buy towels, they can also eat and see if there are any pathogenic substances on the products, which is completely green and environmentally friendly. Star wool product quality certification mark. Products certified by Eco-Textiles are completely free of toxic and pathogenic substances and are completely green. Star towel product quality
The amount is absolutely perfect.
3. Look: whether the sewing of the towel is fine and neat, whether the height of the terry is flat, whether the color is pure and bright, and there is no unevenness in depth.
4. Touch: A good pure cotton towel feels fluffy, soft and not greasy, soft and elastic when clenched in a fist, and no lint falls off when beaten.
5. Smell: A good towel has no odor.
6. Test: first measure the hygroscopicity; the method is to hang the towel, and then throw it on the towel after dipping it in water. If the water droplets do not roll off, it indicates that the water absorption is good; if the water droplets roll off, it indicates that there is too much softener in the towel. or insufficient refining. Second, measure the color fastness; the method is to first pour hot water at about 80 ℃ into the basin, and then put the towel up and down to lift and wash, and the water in the basin is not discolored. If there is obvious color fading, it indicates that the printing and dyeing quality is poor, which is harmful to human health.
7. Burning: Take out a loop of yarn on the edge of the towel and wrap it into a circle, ignite it with fire, burn quickly, the ash is black ash, light and slag-free, it is pure cotton or cellulose regenerated fiber. If there are hard lumps in the burnt ash, it means that the yarn is a blended yarn mixed with chemical synthetic fibers.
Common classification of towels
Towels are an indispensable product in people's daily life. Have you noticed what kind of fabrics we usually use towel? In fact, the most common ones are cotton and bamboo fiber fabrics. The price of cotton towels is relatively low, and the fabrics are relatively stable and durable, but they will turn yellow and hard after using for a long time, which is not very good for our skin. Bamboo fiber towel may be more expensive than cotton, but it feels very soft and comfortable, and its water absorption is 3--4 times higher than that of cotton. Because of the special substance "Bamboo Kun" contained in bamboo fiber, the towel has the characteristics of antibacterial and mite removal. For example, the skin of a child is relatively tender, and it is more appropriate to use a bamboo fiber towel!