Easy way to choose the right bedding

Choose the right bedding | Bedsheets | Linenova

When buying sheets, you should pay attention to


1. Look at the printing and dyeing.

Now the printing and dyeing process is becoming more and more mature, and the varieties of bedding products are becoming more and more abundant. However, any kind of dyeing and chemical materials will bring different degrees of pollution to the human body and the environment, so one less printing and dyeing process for bedding fabrics will provide more security. In addition, dark fabrics take a long time to dye and damage the fibers, so they are not as durable as light-colored fabrics.

2. Look at the material

Because the bedding is in direct contact, choose 100% natural fiber fabrics or fabrics with a higher proportion of natural fiber components. Bedding made of natural fiber has good affinity with human skin, good moisture absorption and ventilation, safe, comfortable and non-irritating. Hair loss is a normal phenomenon. With the increase in cleaning times, the hair loss phenomenon will improve a lot. At the same time, note that pure cotton products should not be washed with washing powder, which will damage both the color and the fiber. If the four-piece sanding set still has obvious hair loss after multiple cleanings, then it belongs to the quality problem of the product itself. When purchasing the four-piece sanding set, you should choose those big brands with good reputations.

3. Buy Bedding from a Reliable Supplier

The right investment in your bedding can improve the quality of your sleep. Choose QUALITY beddings offered by a reliable supplier who can give you the right information about their products and can guide you in your buying decision.