How to choose a floor mat?

How to choose a floor mat?

Floor Mat Selection

  • 1. The floor mat must be easy to clean.
  • 2. If you have floor heating in your home, do not choose adhesive-backed material on the back of the floor mat, so as to avoid degumming and damage to the floor when the floor heating is turned on and the temperature rises.

  • 3. Try to choose a dark color with a slightly complex pattern, so that it will not be dirty.

  • 4. Floor mats are owned by each of our households. When purchasing, we must consider where to put them and what role they play. As for whether to put them outside or inside the door, we must judge according to the actual situation.
  • 5. Confirm the color and style. It is generally recommended to choose dark colors in areas with serious pollutants, and other areas should choose colors and styles according to the overall design of the decoration

  • 6. After determining the type of floor mat, there are no fixed rules for the color, as long as it matches the overall decoration style of the home, try to avoid buying single-color floor mats, because the dirt will be very obvious on the floor mat and affect the appearance.

  • 7. Again, confirm size requirements. The size of household floor mats generally needs to be purchased according to the door, room size, etc.; commercial floor mats are generally recommended to cover the use area or as a channel connecting two areas, in line with the door width.